December 27th, 2008

I Can Watch TV Too Much Now...


I've seen this "Going to Pieces" documentary before, on slasher film history. I totally forgot there's a part in here about the movie "Silent Night, Deadly Night". Just last night I was reading about that movie. The documentary mentions things about how offensive the movie was back then. Mostly because it was Santa Claus killing people - that would frighten little kids.. even though, you know, kids probably shouldn't be watching it..

I kind of want to watch it, but it just always seemed like one of those movies that would be really dumb, even if it was really gorey and violent. I've seen a ton of like cheesy horror movies with crazy gore and some wonderfully bad acting... but even with the clips from this movie, it still just rubs me as "I'm going to be frustrated if I sit through that." Same thing with the first Cube movie. I really wanted to see it, because I loved the second one a lot. But damn. Every character was just so fucking annoying & on top of that with the bad acting - I just couldn't stand it. I wanted them all dead with in the first five minutes. I don't like not being able to have sympathy for the characters. While I do like my villains, the victims need to be likable too. Other wise I have a hissy fit.

That's all really unimportant, but I haven't ranted in a long time!

There might be something off with me lately, but I think I can actually applaud Lindsay Lohan for something. Wow, right? I still pretty much hate her and definitly still think she's a shit actress who doesn't deserve her job but get this:
Now, when I first saw the video the story is about... I thought the chick had been mistaken for being a part of PETA. I figured it was just some woman that hated her, right? Well, I guess it really was a fur-activist crazy chick. Who cares. I just want Lohan to wear loads of fur coats now. And I want her to make any movies unless she's wearing real fur in them and they have to do with her kicking horses and biting into bunnies.
Hell, I'd watch it. As long as the animals weren't real, of course.