December 6th, 2008

What Is This...

I keep having dreams about what I should be writing. But I want to wait until I get my laptop. My priorities are all out of whack. And I have this stupid thing, where I like to wait until a certain date to do things.

So on Friday.. I had a crazy dream. I was in a movie with Jack Nickelson about narcotics. Not like any specific kind, just you know - random narcotics. The deal was, we were living in a time where narcotic drugs were legal. They still had rules about how you had to use them in such, so people could still use them illegally. Say, you didn't have a prescription, or you had been hooked on them in the past - you weren't supposed to have them on you. And you wouldn't be able to get a hold of them unless you were some kind of drug warrior.
Which is where Jack's character came in. He was a drug lord type person who would ride around on a motorcycle.

This is my favorite part. I was playing a retarded girl. Like, not even joking retarded, but a full on mental case - slow and what not. I WAS HANDICAPP'D. I lived in like a run down housing place. A place for people to live who couldn't take care of themselves. Jack would stop by, and I didn't know what he was doing there. But apparently he'd be behind the scenes in the place, taking their drugs to sell and use for himself.

So he ends up getting hooked on the stuff. Then the authorities find out. They come after him - so he takes me hostage and gets me hooked on the stuff to, even though I'm deathly afraid of it.
I end up taking so much and my arm goes numb because I've being doing too much heroin or whatever and I don't know what's going on.. because I'm slow. I tell him in a childish way that I can't feel my arm. He freaks out and is like "Shit, that's not good" realizing that he shouldn't have gotten me hooked on the stuff.

It ends with me dying from drug overdose and him giving himself up to the authorities.

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