September 9th, 2008


My dad hooked up some random hard drive he got from someone to my computer and now it doesn't start up.

I am somewhat angry and somewhat not. I didn't have the best day... so this is weird now to come home.. and have this happen.

Rich says the stuff on my hard drive should be fine.. but now my dad's back in there fucking with it some more.
I didn't take all my pictures and stuff off yet because my new pictures are so fucking large that I'd need mass amounts of cds/dvds. And I don't know if we have enough. At least I didn't at the moment.

Either way. What the fuck. Why does my shit always have to be experimented with?



Rich a.k.a. Skinny Fat, has magic hands. He wiggled some shit in my computer and it reset the bios and it turned on!
And I got to back up all my pictures. THANK FUCKING CHRIST.
I think this is another sign that my dad is slowly getting more and more senile. Back in the day - he would have had this thing all fixed up in a second.
Now he comes in here to touch it and it falls apart.

This should be a PSA for smoking weed. Once you start smoking - you better not stop. Because, holy shit you obviously fucking lose your mind and start obeying the law and fucking things up left and right out of pure batfuckery.

edit #2... I also found out that windows dvd burner is much better in Vista than XP. God, was XP a nightmare when it came to backing up things. What I just did was a dream.
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