May 30th, 2008

The Icon.. it is more than fitting.

* With Hate Speech, we've decided to expand this slightly so that it also applies to content which advocates the violence/harm of others. We feel that such expression goes beyond being merely offensive, and in practice leads to the harm of others, which we do not condone in any way. We have also included a statement that this policy does not apply to statements which are satire or hyperbole; this has also been clarified in our Self Harm and Threatening Content policies.

* Our policy on Non-Photographic Images of Minors is being removed. What this means is that we will no longer be requiring the removal of this content, or suspending people who have posted it. We feel that with the introduction of the adult content flagging system, we do not need to take any further action on this type of material.
- lj_policy

Oh I see. Child porn is totally alright in explicit words.. but DON'T YOU DARE CALL SOMEONE A NAME. THAT'S FUCKING UNFORGIVABLE.

I wish I didn't get this shit in my email.