May 8th, 2008

Pink Inno!

I want to get one of these. They're cheaper on the XM site.. but they make you buy a subscription with one - wich I don't need, because I already have a subscription, and I really just want to get rid of my old one, to replace it with a portable one.
Plus it's pink!

The only place I could get one without a sub is at like, Best Buy or Circuit City.. which I'm gonna look this weekend, but I don't think they have the pink ones.

I don't HAVE to have the pink ones.. but it'd be nice. I could ask my dad about it, but he'd offer to pay for the friggen thing, & I'd be stuck with my money. Which I don't want.

I really hope Best Buy or Circuit City has a pink one.. cause I don't want to end up with another.. odd colored gold/silver mixture color. They're like.. metallic grey and it's ugly as hell.

Edit - I don't have a car anymore. T_T

Edit2 - First post for the win!
Also.. there are people speaking spanish outside of my house.