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So my weekend consisted of finding Tiffany's house and then actually going over to visit.

HER HOUSE IS A ZOO. & lot's of people are over there, like all the time. Including some fucking random mexicans that hang out and get drunk in her front yard. Cool rite?!

Anyway, she has a shit ton of cats. I hope to go back over there with my camera and take pictures of all of them. I didn't bring my camera this time, because I wasn't sure about staying there long. It wasn't bad, though. I had a lot of fun, actually. I think the only bad part are all the fucking people there. It's like a party house 24/7.
Or maybe I'm not used to that many people all at once? I came home and no one was here and it feels a lot different. Whatev.

So we hung out for awhile and then we went down to the community pool. It's kind of like those pools at the hotels, but you have to be a member of the clubhouse or a friend of someone who's a clubmember? lawls. On top of that you have to be over 18 to get in. & You have to wear a little bracelet thing.
It was interesting, as there were a ton of church people there. I felt like I was babysitting for awhile.

I had to explain to a few people why I don't like hanging around outside: hot, bugs, etc.
I think the rest of the day was playing with cats :D

She was all down about me leaving somewhat early. Next time I'll stay longer. And I have to reassure her that I will stay longer next time and that there will be a next time. Freakin kids.

[edit] My layout looks a lot better.

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