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Richie's birthday week. Picture format.

Fake fried egg. It's a gummie egg. Tasted so very weird...

Rich thought it would be funny to lock me out of the car at the mall.
It really was hilarious.

This would be Rich's micro bread bowls. They're going to get smaller every time we make them.

Next day we went to Palatka.. & after getting lost and going to the doctors, we got ice cream. This is a rare sight, to see Rich eating fattening ice cream. lol.

These things are all over Palatka. The place is so fucking run down:

The second one is my favorite. "Fuglies"

& Here be Richard's pink birthday cake. It was Red Velvet and Orange Supreme on the inside!

...I only like the Red Velvet part. That Orange Supreme shit tastes like hospital food.

I got Richard a mouse for his birthday, but it was the wrong one. We had an argument about it & we're going to take it back on Tuesday so he can get the right one. GAMING IS SRS BIZNISS I WASN'T AWARE OF THIS. SRRY.

Now brb guise, I have to go run 20 laps. Can't be on the internet for more than 10 minutes tops if you're a fatty like me.
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