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Redbulls! 2008

This was over a week ago. July 19th, 2008. Good times & I'm still sunburnt from it.


Fantasy of Flight in Tampa Bay!

Dinos!! New theme park in Tampa, I think?

Busted up car. lulz.

I love the pretty buildings in Tampa.

This was the best thing ever.

Rubber Ducky flugtag guise.

Is it just me or does Giligan's Island always call for cross-dressing now a days?

Big ass redbull van.

Manta Ray!

Part of the Mario Kart flugtag :D

Mario Kart flugtag was win.

See how much win?!

Contrary to popular belief, this is a giant cock.

Gas Tank flugtag.


Rich tried out the new Red Bull cola; says it tastes like regular cola.

The can design is pretty sweet, though.

Redbull flyers!

Baywatch flugtag; the first of many.

Lol sparta.

..I'm not sure what's going on here. But they have redbull helmets.

Penisflugtag & sparta. Makes sense.

Hah, he got kicked off.

Fishy fishy.

These guys reminded me of the aquabats.

LOL some drunk people next to us thought this was supposed be Monarch from Venture Bros.

Pillow fight!


Fuck yeah, Flinstones flugtag!
This thing was so bad ass. It blew steam out of it's nose and then they took it apart and the whole thing was just cool. I has video of it that I will upload.

I just wanted this picture of the girl tossing the ball in mid-air.

This thing was pretty cool, but it fell apart a few times.


They got it to work, kind of.


The cloud guy was the best.

The wind kept wrecking flugtags.

loler yoshi.

Luigi got to ride in it. Internet meme.

Hehe, floating shrooms.

This guy wasn't apart of the redbull stuff, he just came flying in out of nowhere. They even tried asking him to leave over the intercom. wat.

Real manta rays.

Real redbull flyers.

I'm pretty sure this was the Gilligan's Island flugtag.

fail photography.

I do believe this was the only flugtag to make it anywhere.

Teehee - rubber ducky.

See that guy on top? He's getting ready to rip the head off of it.

You're probably wondering why pikachu was at a redbull event. There was actually a con going right next door.


This picture is like something out of black books and it makes me lol so hard.

Moo cow!!

..They shot at the cow.


This was the pirate flugtag.. and I didn't care about it much until they did this.

Dancing pirates can only be win when by Redbull.

Love it.



tetris people calls for rule 34.

Trailers? They're in the ground. This is on the way to Tampa Bay.. odd landmark.

And I have no idea what the fuck this is, but it's in my bag now?


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