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Mall Credits

Rich: Here, you can have this. *Hands me a 20 dollar bill*
Rich: It's for you, cause you're broke and have no money.
Me: I feel weird when people give me money.
*Rich takes it back, even though I put up a fight*
Me: I still want it!
Rich: No, you complained. Give it to me, You can have 20 Mall Credits.
lulz were ensued.

I got my 20 dollars back but I didn't want anything at the mall. I got some shoes at walmart instead! They're crazy converse high-top rip-offs.
Also, Almond M&M's because people in chat were talking about M&Ms.
I'm gonna try out the new Nair shower stuff. Should be fun.
Glow in the dark bb's for our airsoft guns. Had a lovely conversation with the chick at the counter about a pink rifle they have in their display.

Rich bought some clothes. He likes buying clothes for some reason.

We went to a ton of places, but I didn't want anything anywhere we went so it was pretty worthless, other than just hanging out in joints.
I was tempted to get some astrology stuff. I talk myself out of that a lot, if you didn't know. I don't think I've ever mentioned my stupid fascination with astrology/paranormal stuff. I consider it paranormal, though. Just because I don't actually believe in it and consider it pretty stupid - but I'm still highly interested in reading up on it. Rich tends to talk me out of it, too. He's such a buttcake about it.


Bawls, as usual.

Oh and our entire trip was nothing but the car stopping & shutting off in the middle of traffic. FUN!!
We went to Noah's Market before all of this - while it was raining down cats and dogs of various sizes. That's a fancy place from New York that's down by the beach here. They have a bad ass deli and everything's really expensive, but the food is really fucking good. I mean, really good. They have chefs cook it. Deli chefs. I got a wrap today and some chicken salad. Rich got some mushroom with fancy cheese and I don't know what else. We've been there before to get gelato - also extremely good.

I really want to post my redbull pictures. Maybe I can do it tomorrow. I hope so. Stupid power outages in this shitty house. Blowin up my stuff.

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