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It is the eve of the redbull party. We're going to see the Redbull Flugtags take off in Tampa Bay!

And I guess I'll be recording it. & Taking pictures. Rich will probably take the pictures.
Speaking of pictures..

This is so old. It's from back when we went to see Sex and the City. It's a fish, btw.

We brought the rubber sheep to the beach and used it as a flotation device. Woman wasn't crazy about it. *smugface*

It's called a Love Ewe.

1000+ hrs in MS Paint.

Annual Sheep toss.

We went mini golfing again, this time in Daytona. I fuckin love mini golf.


Doing my best Maggie Gyllenhaal impersonation.

I did photoshop this.. but the little light thing at the top was not me - it was the camera.. and I'm not sure why it happened.

I hope to have a ton of redbulls tomorrow. Then I'll get really sick & enjoy it.

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