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Emo Heather Graham does exist!

He has the creepiest fucking face during this scene...

I think the best part is that it's just one BIG cut and not several.

Also.. she looked weird back in the day. & yeah, I like her. Inb4 hundreds of women who hate her because they think she's slutty.

...She is kind of slutty.. but she does good b-movies! (not including austin powers - who cares?)

I'm also the same person who feels a tad bit of remorse for Tila Tequila. And I do believe that people really do hate her because they think she's "slutty". Personally - I think it's a bit. She's on a fabricated reality show. Are people really buying into that and thinking, wow, she must REALLY be a hoebag, cause I mean.. it's on my tv - must be TRUFAX.

I shouldn't say I believe that people really hate her because they think she's slutty. I should say I know this. I expierenced this hatred at a 7/11 after all.

I should do a picture dump.. sometime soon. I hardly talk about my personal life anymore and I think it's obvious that I should. Rite???

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