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If I could feel more awful. Yeah right. Like I've ever cared about you.

I probably just think I should feel more awful for not keeping people up to date with what I'm doing. You'll live.

...who are you? Seriously. Tell me. I don't think I know anyone on my new friends list. I think everyone should just comment on my journal entries with things that have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about. Just talk amongst yourselves!

Hey! I suddenly remembered when Mike Myers was funny!

Enough about that. I didn't see his movie. He can shove Jessica Alba up his ass.

I saw the hulk.

This is going to be kind of consice - since I saw it last week and the real reason I haven't been updating is because it rains a lot and that makes me fear for the life of my computer.

+ FUCK YEAH LINUX MICROSOFT KNOCK OFFS!! Bruce Banner isn't a hipster like Tony Stark and his stupid macs.
-/+ Liv Tyler got fat. That whole "I can't get excited" scene made me miss the best part. Appearently in that wonderful scene, Ed Norton shoved his face in her boobs. GOD DAMN DAMMIT LIV. YOUR FAT LEG THREW ME OFF.
...I like her fat leg. I wish I got to see the other one. Totally distracted me from the movie, though.
- crazy geek dude.
+ William Hurt.
+ Tim Roth. He got a little weird near the end, though.
+/- The Hulk putting the abombination into a buttsex position with a chain around his neck. wat.
+ Did Robert Downey Jr really need that god like appearence?! What a goon.
& of course, a real winrar:
"You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry. Shit.. that's not right."

It's a cute movie. I really hated the matrix moves in the fight scenes. There's already cgi going on - that was over doing it. Other than that, it was neat. That was my only real complaint. I don't think it was as bad as some people are making it out to be; it was pretty regular and no where near as good as Iron Man. Wasn't awful, though. I will say that. I think most people (especially 4chan faggots) are just butthurt over not getting Jennifer Conneley the second time around.

I'd go into this more.. but who cares?
CGI fest.. was a semi-okay cgi fest with good actors involved which makes it tollerable.

So.. what have I really been up to? Going to the beach and stuff. Then it rains and ruins it.
Oh yeah. & this: [link]

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