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Haven't had a post like this in awhile.

My birthday was last month so I have a ton of pictures to spam.

This was the first gift I got. I try to make sure it gets special treatment as opposed to all the other stuffed animals we have laying around on the floor.

Went to Carl's Jr because Rich felt bad about taking me there before and not getting anything with me. (It's just lame to go there with someone and then only you get something, you know?)

We don't know what it is but we always see it coming back from Anderson. It's all the way out in the middle of a field, too.

Outside Walmart.

I got a birthday cake this year! Hadn't had one in awhile so- this was pretty good. I love how it came out.

More llamas.

My birthday hat that went with my new shirt dress thing that you can't even really see.

Went to Red Robin, too. My chicken sandwich tasted fancy.

Rich made fun of me for sleeping with a stuffed animal.

I wish these shirts weren't so expensive, I'd of bought one.

look at this retard.

Pasta Fagioli

This is my new favorite shirt. And I got some of those bead necklaces that Rich hates so much.

Sushi from Raley's.

This was my last present I believe. It's a neko lighter and came in a cute little box, but I got drunk and got nutella all over it. Go me.

I also got a Puppet Master poster that's hanging on my side of the tiny ass room we live in. I think it's funny that he just got me such random gifts, but at least they were related to me in some way. And now every time I see that poster, I feel like watching that movie again. But I've seen it so many times..

Maybe I'll have another post soon. I've still got a lot of pictures sitting on my camera.

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