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Sex and the City


the most you can get is 4 btw. Cause I'm a soup!

grrliz was right - no one dies. To be honest, all the stupid rumors about this damn movie kinda ruined it for me. I don't mind spoilers; I rather enjoy them. I just don't like it when people flat out lie about them. (I was disappointed that none of them dropped dead.. that would have been fun!)

I think the thing that angered me most was that Charlotte didn't get any drama the entire movie. She has one small "quip" with Big and that's it?! I was so hoping she'd be in that restaurant all preggers and happy to look up and see Trey and Bunny eating lunch together or something. But no - why would something interesting like that happen? I guess her being magically pregnant was enough or something? "Oh, I can't run, it might kill the baby!" LAME!

Second annoyance:
Standford and Anthony's relationship is never explained.
I'm tired of the Spiderman 3 shit showing up in my movies! AND OUT OF NOWHERE THIS HAPPENS AND YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH IT BECAUSE YOU PAID TO.
Gee, thanks. How many lines did Willie Garson get anyway? He got royally screwed I think.

Oh & that photoshoot.. the hell? It wasn't as bad as the aforementioned, and I know the show was capable of getting pretty ridiculous; but I didn't enjoy that.

This is not a movie I hate, though. I rather enjoyed most of it. The montage didn't kill me that much either. That was a much better idea than say: *theme song* followed by a really long episode of SATC.

Besides, I got all nostalgic during the first part. And it was a relief after sitting through the previews (HOLY HELL WTF KIND OF TORTURE??).

And yes, the best part was:
Carrie: Somebody give me a phone.
*Samantha hands Carrie her iphone*
*Carrie takes one look at it*
Carrie: Okay. I don't know how to use this.

I should give out extra soup for that. Pure win. (especially after the fuckin mac propaganda in Iron Man. bleh!!)

I thought Samantha's flip out over being a manager was kind of weird; but she is a New Yorker so it could be expected.
Jennifer Hudson wasn't as painful as I thought she would be.
Miranda's collapse of a marriage was awesome & almost as bad as when Carrie got caught cheating. One of my favorite things about the show was that they always knew how to convey something terrible happening.
Carrie and Miranda's second fight: I knew it was coming, but I wish I didn't have to wait to so long for it. The whole time I was like "OMG TELL HER YOU BITCH!!" in my head. Unfortunately, the people sitting behind me when ahead and said it out loud. Lovely.

And alas - Charlotte shits herself. That is quite a way to go to do a "don't drink the water" joke. Kristen Davis is so cheesy now with her spew of family movies. (But hey, side boob.)

Samantha getting fat was pretty funny. & she didn't put on a fat suit; that is so retarded to assume. She actually looked as if she gained the weight. "Who brought the gut?" lol.
Didn't care for her dog. Why couldn't it die?
Who knew Samantha could be an animal person? It just didn't sit well with me.

I did love Charlotte's little asian daughter, though.

Miranda's character was a tad bit out of whack - but I think she pretty much fell apart in the last season of the show, anyhow. Hillary anyone? Yeah, I think so. Maybe more like door mat.

Carrie finally gets married. In a business suit. To Big.
At least it wasn't a business proposal like the first time?
I don't know.

It was good enough for what it was/is.

What can I say? Psycho bitches amuse me. ಠ_ಠ

Scars on Broadway = awesome.
Same goes for Katy Perry.

And wouldn't you know it? I can finally say I like Weezer again!

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