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I participated in alexxschmidt's decorating challenge! They made a wonderful template you can find here!
And now off to some woman who has some "amazing" garden. And a nice house in the country side.

The draw is obviously the killer garden out front. & Yes, it can actually kill you.

Jennifer, the owner of the hosue, is obviously always one with nature.

So much so, that she's managed to train it.

And we have to start at the top of the house - cause that's where all the stuff is happening!

Sheepy's coming up those amazing stairs for his bath. (He can't contain himself when it comes to puddles, so he's rather filthy.)

All be it a small bathroom, it's still somewhat decorated and finely furnished.

The bedroom - it's a bit over decorated. But that's because Jen's a little girl at heart.

Tiny dining area.

And somewhat of a mini kitchen... all green. Except for that time a body was drug in. (Just a little mishap in the garden, no biggie, really.)

We're not allowed to talk about what happened in this room... (gotta stay out of that garden, man.)

Downstairs you'll find a lovely living room. The carpet's a bit old.

Purple study... Yes, there's a skull on Jen's desk. You can only guess where it came from...

Another small kitchen in the house. A lot of food comes in and out of this place, hence the menu.

Yes, we're almost outside!

Beautiful! Hey, why's that plant holding a slice of cake?

Just gonna sit there in your gardnen, huh? Not even gonna talk about that cake slice, are you?

This guy is has the wrong idea. I mean, we're all curious about that cake slice. But to actually go get it? Guy's got a pair on him, yeah?


Couldn't show you that last part. Too gory. Anyway, Jen drank him. Yeah.

So, she's crazy... but she has a lovely house, right? And a cute dog. Time to get the hell out of here.

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