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Look, No Pictures.

I went to a Halloween party last night at the Casino here. No pictures because it was pretty much like going to a club, only people were wearing costumes. There were some amusing ones and some pretty lame ones. I was semi-disappointed as it was supposed to be 80's themed and they were barely playing any 80s music!

It was amusing to see this woman who dressed up as Avatar (idk wtf they are) got booed out of a costume contest. Her thing was really good, she had body paint done and was really tall, so she looked just like whatever those things are. But lol, people hate that movie. Plus she was trying to act like her which was so cringe worthy. Some guy who was dressed up like the guy from the Hangover won.
There was some guy there who looked like he was dressed up as Brett Michaels from Poison - he had shiny skin tight spandex on and a dildo in the side so it looked he was a rockstar the entire night. He should've been in the costume contest, dammit.

They also had some rappers show up to do a live show. Fucking wigger Redding.

We also played slots all night long and had some really good nachos. Casino food is nice and cheap! And they have a free soda machine. But I also got a few drinks, meh. GO ME, I SAID I WAS GONNA QUIT.

Every now and then they played some 80s stuff, which was okay.. I still think they could've done better. And there were a few people here and there dressed as the 80s theme. I even saw some old lady doing the Thriller dance when it came on, lol.

I think I had the most fun playing slots though. Always do.
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