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BevMo Grand Opening

Well, it's October 1st and BevMo finally opened in Redding!

We went to Big Lot's yesterday looking for a chair (didn't find one) and found these cheap ass Jones Soda that had the best sayings under their caps.

Alfredo Pizza from some mom and pop's place in town where I live. Sooo good.

Generic steak burger from generic burger joint; lol.

It was called Sweet Victory and it tasted like Cotton Candy.

Giant chicken salad I shared with Rich last night. We couldn't even finish it together.

U-top It frozen yogurt.

AND FINALLY. BEVMO IS HERE. They had quite the party going on in store.

They had cake! REALLY GOOD CAKE. And we couldn't tell what flavor it was... and the icing was chewey instead of like regular icing.. it was amazing. Never had anything like it.

They have a ton of wine.

And they sell fancy things like Caviar. (So expensive, too)

I think this was the stuff Roth told me about? Ty-Ku?

Amazingly colorful soda aisle.

Sample drinks for sale. I had to get one.

We bought a ton of different soda's and even some alcohol.

Also went to the asian store near downtown Redding; this is the best Asian shop to go to for ramen.

Rich being retarded outside of Yama Sushi.

Had some great food yet again at the best restaurant/buffet around - Yama Sushi. And as you can see, they don't just serve sushi, they serve all kinds of creative dishes. Everytime we go there, they have something new to try out.
Video on my tumblr of the boats they use. I love sitting in there and watching new food come around.

Got myself a shelf! No more plastic crap in my way. Still need a chair, though.

The rest of our beverage purchases. I can't wait to down that Vanilla Absolut.

I bought a ton of ramen from the Asian place. Apparently Mama makes the best! But I kind of favor the Shin Raymun I get at WinCo - but only because it's so fucking spicy.
Granted my internet stays working well, I'll be uploading high res versions of these on my tumblr

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