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Sentry Bots Are Really Stores

I had this conversation with Dani this morning about how I had to go to the store to cash my check. So I told her I'd get pictures of what the place looks like. The best I can describe in words is a large gas station/convenience store.

Love how the N is the only new letter up there too. Place is such a dump.

They have a great deli, though... it's really tiny in the store but their food is fantastic. Unfortunately, everything else in the store is over priced.

I rarely go there. Usually only when I need to cash a check and can't go to WinCo.

They have giant potato wedges! And they're sooo good. They used to come with dip, but they had to go and start charging people for little packets of dip. Like I said, over priced.

Giant oreos! Filled with ICE CREAM. So, technically, oreo ice cream sandwich.

And yeah, they taste like oreos. I promised myself I'd be awake when Rich got home tonight. I've been going to sleep too early again. Hopefully, I've had enough sugar to keep me wired.

In other news: My internet's been really shitty lately.
Also, I got ambushed for money, so I'm out $20. I don't really want to talk about it. SO I WON'T.

All is well, though. All day marathon of Kevin Smith's Smodcast going on today. Fuck yeah!

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