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I wish I could be that happy... Oh, to hell with it!

Played Left 4 Dead 2 all night long with Rich! I have to use this tiny ass mouse, too. It's like using a pencil that's too small for your fingers. But at least I can play now. Though, after playing all night, I won't be playing for some time..

From the other night when we were both playing Transformice. The people I usually play with didn't believe I had a boyfriend so they begged him to come play with us. Rich hated every minute of it. lol.

Pizza pretzel from shitty starbucks cafe. We interneted it to choose where to eat dinner because we haven't been out in so long. It was nice to be able to go out and do things for once.

We went to a buffet that was fairly mediocre and looked just like one we went to in Daytona Beach, FL.

It was a rael let down that they didn't have real sushi - those were definitely California rolls. Meh. The rest of the food was okay.. but it could've been a lot better.

I got my cravings out of the way, though. I also kind of realized that I'm going out on dates with Rich when we do stuff like this. We go out to eat and sit there and talk. This tends to make me realize that I'm too normal of a person.

We sat around talking about movies and stuff like the Fifth Element came up. I think we were talking about Gary Oldman for some reason and a few other older actors we like. We sat there for quite sometime just laughing and talking about movies. But that's my perfect kind of date if I'm going to go out on silly ass typical dates like this. Now we have to watch the Fifth Element because it's been forever since I've seen it. I'm doing a lot of nostalgia shit now and I'm on a weird ass Disney kick. Riight before October hits; then I have to go back to horror movies.

Traffic today! Silly road blocks.

And I got a new shirt! Also yay, spicy fucking ramen. Stuff is so hot that it ends up burning my lips. I love it, though.

I finally got my check as well.. Since it was so late, I'll be able to get my next check before I go broke again since I had to drop like $50 on some state bullshit. I have food now, too. Things are back to the way they were for awhile.
Even my dreams are right again!

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