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Someone's Hungry...

Here's the scary fucking dream I had last night:

I was at home here, in Cali. Everything was normal. Rich was at work.

I STARTED EATING MYSELF. Yes. I was taking bites out of my arms. I even remember chewing my skin and muscle. WHERE DID THIS FUCKING COME FROM?!?!
That's not even the worst part. My skin tasted pretty horrible... it wasn't as bloody as you think it'd be. My blood was all dried up from me taking so long to chew my own flesh. (yeah, wut.) I remember thinking, since I'm eating this, I'll digest it and it might grow back.


There was a part where I was looking in the mirror and my arms looked all funny because they were missing so much skin. D: I never took any bites out of my hands (too bony I GUESS) so my hands were all normal and I was bending them with ENTIRE parts of my arm gone and like, bone showing and what not.

Oh, and as I'm looking at them? I guess I imagined how they'd look once it healed... YEAH NOT GOOD.

I haven't had a dream in so long... this is what I come back to? Fuuuuck, my mind is a scary place. I woke up feeling like I had a hangover even though I haven't had a drink in quite some time. The hell is going on with me?
Tags: dreaming, i'm being dumb, leaving little to be desired, random

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