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I'm Feeling Pretty Batshit

I fucked up the date on my time card and now I have to call the place I work for. Then I have to fix the date and send it back. Then I have to wait another 7 days before I can get money again.

I felt really depressed about this at first. And it was like, so much anger at myself. (I didn't even cry even though I was pretty sad about it.) I really hate myself right now. And I really hate it when I fuck things up like this. I was looking forward to having some really nice food. Oh well.

But I feel better now. Only, it's a fake kind of feeling better. I just escaped reality all together. I feel like I'm outside of myself like having an out of body experience. Only, I know I'm not really outside my body because I'm not stupid.

So I have nothing interesting to update about. Still pretty disappointed in myself.

I'm a real winner here.

& don't try saying anything to me about this. Nothing is going to change what's happened or how I feel.

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