lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

Where I'm At

We're broke right now but I'll be getting my check at some point this week.

I'm on Tumblr a lot now. But I haven't forgotten about this thing!

And and, I play a lot of Transformice because now that I have a laptop with a good resolution, I can actually see the entire site. I hated that netbook so much.
That reminds me. I need to try and sell my stupid netbook - it's worth like $80 at the most. I'm gonna try this local thing called the Nickel and of course, Craigslist. (no ebay)

I almost forgot I have to watch Mulan today. I was going to sit around watching King of the Hill today instead - I'll probably end up doing that later & I wanted to spam my tumblr with caps.

I'm kind of active on Deviant Art too. Kind of.

What else?!! Oh. I'm craving chicken strips and burgers. Cool.
Tags: i'm being dumb, short entries, text only boo

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