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I came home... and... I don't know what happened.

But there is satalite in my house!! THAT IS SO INSANE.

I guess what really happened was that comcast decided they really did fail as a company and couldn't even conquer the smaller areas of the world - so they packed up and left crescent city! YAY!!
That also means that another company had to come here to offer services; so we got DirectTV instead! MOAR YAY!!!

And I feel really slow saying "omg we haves satalite" like a third world country or something. Truth is, I used to have satalite back in the day.. so I gotta say, after watching the Sex and the City movie and then coming home to see a satalite in my house - I'm feeling pretty fucking nostalgic.

There will be reviews, useless photographs, and stupid things later. My power went halfway out due to someone using a generator & I think I should bring more of the nostaglia back by eating some day old cinnabon, throwing up and watching comedy central.

Oh yeah - I have all the movie channels now!

edit - I just realized I have Chiller!! I've heard too much about this for it not to be good...

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