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Rescue Me Almost Over

So... they had pretty much everyone under the guise that her son's dead. Though, they kind of went back and forth. One minute she's acting like he could be fine and the next she's breaking down like her life is going to end too.

She's pretty painful to watch cry, too.

I honestly thought he was dead after having a table saw fall on him... but this was far scarier. They did the big reveal with him and it was like.. shit. It'd obviously be better if he had died from that, right? Plus, it doesn't help that a lot of other people on the show just refer to him as being "pretty much dead".

There were some funny parts but mostly.. it was depressing and kind of shocking. I'm kind of glad characters aren't dropping dead left and right but at the same time - they're extremely close to death which makes it seem worse.

And of course.. what a way to end the show.
I almost jumped because I was expecting something creepy to happen on this show.

Tommy's hallucinating living people now! And there's only one more season after this. If it keeps on the same track the show's gonna end on a really sad note.

And it's not going to be a big deal. While this show has it's fans, no one else outside of that cares. Weird because it's such a good show and they rarely fuck up with it. Usually when shows end, there's a big uproar about it.. but we'll see.
That makes me think the ending will be great just because everyone's looking the other way. People always seem to be highly disappointed when bigger shows end.

I'm not one for happy endings.. so you know what I'm hoping for.
nothing near as bad as how Twin Peaks ended... surely someone could make it out alive, no?

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