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Left Over Birthday Stuff

Frozen yogurt from U-top it. Was supposed to be cookies n' cream but it just tasted like chocolate. Usually everything from there is really good. This was the first time it was like kind of meh.

I had my ears going. :3

I sold my DS today. Only got $38 for it and my games. Whatever. I don't even care. I just needed a little bit of extra cash. I got what I wanted. Spent a good part of my dad walking around with Rich in a place called Pick n Pull looking for a tire for his car. DIDN'T FIND ONE. Had to buy a used one. No one ever has tires for his car. We got lucky they had a slightly small one out front.

& my check came today. FUCKING TWO DAYS LATE. ASSHOLES. Suck it, Schwarzenegger. You sucked in the Expendables. AND YOU SUCK AS GOVERNOR.

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