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Icons!! Videodrome picspam

Videodrome goodies!

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Sonja Smits had Deborah Harry's role first but they switched them.

Deborah Harry with headbands..

James Woods and the soon to be "cancer gun"

inside videodrome's "set"

The infamous "long live the new flesh" scene.

Special effects backstage - note the ketchup bottle.

Cancer gun in it's final stage of development

Random Deborah Harry promo shot.

James Woods on set

the exploded television set filled with pig intestines.

face model for the cancer eruption scene.

more Deborah Harry promo shots - this hairstyle was never in the film

Finished version of the effects the cancer gun have on Barry Convex

Deborah's dominatrix videodrome outfit.

Leslie Carlson as Barry Convex and James Woods as Max Renn

And the man behind it all who went on to do several more mind fuck body horror films: David Cronenberg.

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