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Rich's Better Birthday

We went to In & Out Burger! Woo. And I had to get those Animal style fries cause they're the best thing ever.

Om nom nom. We ate outside at night.

His mom said she was going to bake him a cake but right before we left to go out - her boyfriend came in and handed us two cake mix boxes... She ate all the frosting for the cake because she was hungry. lolwut. So, of course, she just bought him a cake. It was okay. Nasty buttercream icing, though. Rich and I hate that stuff.

Way to put the numbers on there backwards. Also, note that Rich destroyed the cake before she could get to it.

And she bought him an etch-a-sketch as a joke, I guess? A lint roller, too.. which is nice.

I got him two nice ass shirts. I'm just happy his birthday went better than last year. yay!

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