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That is some dark fish.

When Rich went to the doctor; we had to go to some specialist place. I got to sit in their second waiting room (they always have a second one in the back) and there was a fish tank in there.
Plus, no one else was in there. I hate waiting around with other people around. Especially if they're all on their phones.

i hate you people and your damn phones.

such big fish for a doctor's office! Really fancy fish tank too... why'd they hide this in the back?

I'm putting chicken in my ramen again. I meant to put ham in there, too. But I forgot. That seems to happen a lot when I'm making ramen - I just forget to throw things in there. I was putting more water in there too, but I guess because I like to add a lot of powder and chili stuff that it soaks all that up. Spicy ramen is sooo good. This is like my new favorite thing.

My icon rehaul is fun, now. Also I'm playing me some Dragon Age - I really like the game now that I've got the hang of it. Too bad the story is all medieval bullshit. I don't know why, but I've never been a fan of that era and I really hate when people try to romanticize it which is all ANYONE does. Do people even know that it wasn't like that at all?

So yeah. I guess I want a more modern tactical game? lol role-playing. (AT LEAST IT IS NOT TURN BASED YOU CASUALS.) All the modern ones suck, though.. far as I know. I think I want to play a game that doesn't have a Mage of some kind. MAN, DO I HATE ME SOME MAGES. Time to go confront the /professionals/ about this.
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