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Itchy Scratchy

Never eating this again. THOSE SHELLS ARE HUGE.

I made my own hot wings with Hooters sauce!

My legs & arms are less itchy now that I have some Benadryl cream for my skin. Tomorrow we're gonna clean out this room and wash all our blankets. A lot of people think I'm having some crazy allergic reaction to something. Could be. At least I won't be super drowsy anymore.

Also woo, a layout I'm happy with. Header's from the movie Maniac. Not to be confused with Maniac Cop - another gem from the 80's.

New tag system isn't so bad. I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass like Tumblr's.

I think I'm gonna slowly re haul my icons... but it's going to take awhile. I'm kind of irritated by the fact.
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