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I found this random check for me today - they sent me a tax refund of $112!! And then on Friday I should be getting another check. WOO!! I'm excited. This means I'll be able buy a new laptop sooner than later.

I saved up a ton of money, and now I've got extra money! I'm going to celebrate tomorrow by getting Chinese food - haven't done that in awhile.
This is something that rarely happens to me. Nothing in life ever really gives me a chance to catch up and actually get to a good place where I don't have to be broke. So I'm not trying to brag, this is just outstanding for the moment. My life will go back to normal once I've spent all this money. If my laptop hadn't fallen I wouldn't be in this situation.. but oh well. I'm glad the thing still kind of works for the moment. But I've been hating this piece of shit for awhile.

I've been looking at a lot of cheap laptops that are like, waay better than this one, too. This is such perfect timing that I feel like it's gonna go bad any minute now.

List of stuffs:
I have to buy conditioner - I meant to get it last week.. then I got shampoo again by accident. The bottles look the same :|
Chinese foods
possibly food from winco/walmart (there's a lot of shit I want to get at walmart because no one else carries it)
that's it. But Rich wants to go out and party down, and that kind of bums me out.

There's only 112 dollars here... I need to make it last - which I can usually do! The goal is to make it last until Friday, that way when Friday rolls around, I'll be swimming in cash and not have to worry about things. Plus even some of this check is meant to go to my savings for that new laptop. DAMMIT.

Stupid moneys.

To top things off, I'm still itchy/rashy. But it's not as bad as it was before. So I assume it's going away, slowly or something.
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