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Fresh Cats

Rich melted one of the spatulas. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this.

Nachos from Holiday Mart - they were okay. But they had no real cheese. Having the right cheese is the only thing that can make nachos really well. Check out all that bacon, though. Jesus.

This is the best version of stir fry I've made yet. I'm only perfecting it because I like the idea of eating more vegtables. This is about as healthy as I'll ever get on my own.

hehe; this is like right next to the Hamburger Helper in WinCo. It's the most blatant rip off I've ever seen and I only bought it because I wanted the laugh. I plan on eating it.. but I forgot to buy hamburger for it. Go me.

I got a cat shirt today! Rich and I had seen this a few times but never got around to buying it. For some reason, I decided to get it today. My favorite is the one cat smoking a cigarette.

I haven't posted a picture of myself in ages. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. I used to be quite the camwhore and now I'm not; so I guess that's good?

For the first time ever I bought like 40 some dollars worth of food. I went crazy, kind of. I bought a bunch of booze though, because I had a hankering to get hung over or something. I rarely drink, actually. But I had been planning on over doing it for awhile now and I finally got the chance. Haven't done anything crazy in awhile; so this is what I'll be doing. I'm already half way through my blueberry & lemonade smirnoff. I don't know why, but I get like, compliments when ever I buy booze when I'm at the cash register, lol. Some lady in front of me was asking me if what I was getting was any good and the cashier was like "I LOVE THIS STUFF". I've had people in the past like freak out over the wine I was buying.

If Alcohol is so bad, is sure is a conversation starter.

I'm going to clean up our room tomorrow. The carpet has all this gross shit in it.. and the ants are coming back. So it's going to be hard to horde food like in the winter. After tomorrow I'm gonna start really trying to get a job. I don't think I tried hard enough before. Way to push myself too much like an Asian would. haha.

Excuse any crazy typos. I'm tipsy, but I also use spellchecker... but spellchecker doesn't always seem to help me. Even when I'm sober D:
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