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/ck/ & /tv/ (get the joke? only Dani will.)

Yes. If you can't see for yourself - that's a burger using two mini pizzas in place of the buns.
It was so tastey, and I probably gained 10 lbs from eating it. Never eating again btw, I won't need to..

They look better after they're assembled. We stuffed onions, cheese and cream cheese inside the hamburger. And we used cheese pizzas for mine and Rich & his brother had sausage/pepperoni pizzas on theirs.

Last night I made some kind of crazy macaroni broccoli salad, but it wasn't much to look at. Tasted great, though.

TV TIME!!!!! (spoofing OK Go's video extremely late.. or was this a really new nostalgia bomb?)
So far I like the new season of Bullshit. The teen sex episode last night was meh, but the cheerleading one was great and the martial arts one, too. I really liked the fast food episode but Rich apparently didn't like it?
I'm not sure why; that episode has the most hatable bitch in American in it. I just enjoyed not liking her. There couldn't be anyone more annoying.

She was all about telling people what to eat and had some fucking skinny people agenda. Man, I just wanted punch her and break her in half like the toothpick she is.

Enough raging. I love Louie CK's new show!! But I'm afraid it's not going to last... even though I've found some other people really love it too. FX is showing TWO new episodes each week, and that sounds like they're trying to air it as much as possible to get rid of it faster. Lame.

Everyone on /tv/ was praising the "faggot" discussion. No one else is really talking about it in that way - too many knee-jerk reactions for the conversation to actually go anywhere unless it's between people who have a sense of humor. Then again, there's a big group of people who don't have this kind of humor; which is why I'm afraid this show's gonna be one & done just like his first.

I have to go watch Rescue Me because Rich bailed on it.

I got Beat Hazard during the Steam sale! It's like Audiosurf with Asteroids. & I don't have enough loud music for it... so I started dipping into Rich's collection.
Oh & my laptop is broken again. The battery or the power cord is fucked up. Great.
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