lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

Fucking Sunday.

Been playin Portal.

Sims 3 is still broke. I failed the challenge probably, by now. I almost want to stop playing that game all together.. I wish I had never been introduced to it.
Sucks because I liked that game and I even liked the improvements. But wow. They make it nearly impossible for you to do anything with the damn game. I said before - never had problems like this with Sims 2. So yeah. It's on their fucking end, not mine.

Portal however, is great! I think I'm closer to the end of it too.. the back rooms in the game are hilarious.

I've been quite the drawfag lately. Wonder when that's gonna end.

Oh yeah, dog puked on my foot. Fucking Sunday.
Tags: games, i'm being dumb, rage

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