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Things You Didn't Know I Even Liked.

I got all arty this morning.. but that does tend to happen when I'm up all night. No sleep today. Have to go pay bills - PLEASE DON'T ASK MAN.

I got Portal because I was suddenly excited for that game and after playing the demo, I learned it was not just some puzzle game. & I feel like I suddenly have a ton of fanart to do. Portal is on the list, but not the first. Got some things I've been working on for awhile actually. Of course I had to go and do something different last night/this morning and finish it in one sitting. REALLY?

I'm going to Holiday market later. That's our version of Publix. Well, one is. The other Holiday markets seem to be some weird equivalent of Sav-a-lot. That would be why they're only in NorCal. How can you have ONE nice store and then THREE REALLY SHITTY ONES? WHAT HAPPENED?

WHAT ELSE, DAMMIT? Oh yeah, cooking & bakig. I'll have that later, I suppose.
God, shouldn't I update more? I actually have things to update about... I'm just so lazy. Will someone kick me? Hard? Please?

We're living in Star Trek time, now. Fuckers.
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