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There Hasn't Been A Food Post In Some Time

I made a bundt cake! Not just any kind, either. Jones Cream Soda. I was supposed to add another flavor - but I didn't think to get another since the recipe asked for a certain kind. Hurr durr. There's always next time, because that thing was really good.. and really filling. I can't eat more than one piece.

And now I have all these fucking eggs. Great.

Other news: I got a Gamecube, but I had to buy memory for it online. So I'm waiting on that. I really like playing the thing on DScaler, though. I could even stream some vidya one day. I also got LoZ: Spirit Tracks for my DS. I figured that would be my last game on there before I get rid of it. My DS that is.
But I really like the cell shaded Zelda games; unlike most people. I kind of want to play Phantom Hourglass after this one.

Not a big fan of the train. At first it was like, yay steampunk in my Zelda game... but now it's like, ugh, we're back on the train, and all we have to fight against enemies is dodging them?? Fuck this. The game is pretty cute & not all NIGHTMARE FUEL like other Zelda's. There are still creepy spiders :| & you have to blow into the mic a lot. I SURE DO HATE USING THAT GOD DAMN MIC. I'm constantly going "PFFFFFFFFFF" at my game.

Can't blow fast enough.

So I hear E3 was good for nintendo? Wii's gonna keep printin money. That's cool.
I just want ensured death of xbox and xbro's
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