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I was tricked by a mongoloid.

I was minding my own damn business when I got a phone call in the middle of the day. I said Hello, and as usual - no one fucking answered. Now, usually that means it's a fucking telemarketer, because they do that to me often.

But then some bitch on the other line goes "Is this Richard's girlfriend?". WTF? So I'm thinking it's a prank call by someone I know & I'm not gonna name any names. All I can say is that she loathes my fucking boyfriend. wut. Yes, this kind of drama now exists in my life. whry?
So I say "Yeah... who's this?"
"Richard cut his finger, can you come pick him up?"
"Richard cut his finger, can you come pick him up?!" *all terrified like*
"Uh.. yeah. Be right there!"
Then I freaked the fuck out and hauled ass down to the store in rags no less, and some fucking flip flops. WAY TO DRAG ME OUT OF THE HOUSE.

So I get there.. and as I'm walking into the store.. I swallowed a bug. THIS DAY WAS SO MUCH FUN LET ME TELL YOU.
Then.. I walk my ass into the place all cool, calm and collected like I can handle this shit. I go in there and no one is freaking out.. and everything's fine. This girl helps me find Rich and it turns out he just has a somewhat of a deep cut on his finger.

The way the woman made it sound on the phone had me imagining that his finger was sawed off or something. Fucking jackasses. I was thinking he did to his finger what I did to my arm a couple years ago. God. What. the. fuck.

This post was brought to you by 4chan.
TeeHee!! - That's for you Dannie.

edit, I've seen a lot of people doing this lately & I think I should jump on the bandwagon & do it too! People are putting little icons in their journal entries, it's really fucking innovative!

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