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Anti Christ

I watched this last night... I don't even know what I watched.
Very fucked up things go on in this movie. But I think the best part was the random talking fox. That was the one part that made me go "OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING."

I guess now I should look into seeing the Human Centipede.. That'll probably be a few steps down from this. & yeah, I really liked the fucked up movie that is Anti Christ. For a pretentious art house film, it's actually really good and not the usual "hurr, we're being pretty in film".

I don't know if it was watching that, or that I'm playing a bunch of Zelda games.. maybe a combination of the two - but I had a dream last night. It was more like a nightmare. For some reason it involved tons of spiders laying eggs in my bedroom; they all hatched, some were small and some were large but they crawled all over me and one giant one bit me in the back of the neck. Then some girl was trying to help get them off me.

Of course it was one of those dreams where I could feel everything that was happening to me. I've never even been bit by a spider - but I've had it described to me before. It did in fact feel like a pinching feeling, followed by a puncture of the skin.

I hope it's only because I'm not really afraid of spiders anymore. It's been over a year since I've seen a large one in my vicinity. I guess now they just crawl around in my mind? Fantastic.
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