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Yama Sushi & Taco Dogs

We finally went to Yama Sushi! It was awesome.

NEKO! They close down in the middle of the day so we had to walk around waiting for them to open.

We found a cookie shop close by that was really cool. Rich got oatmeal chocolate chip with cranberries & I got a peanut butter chocolate swirl cookie.

And we found this Taco Dog there! So now we have taco dog for Taco Tuesday. (I love it so much, lol)

11:30ish; no dice. This was in a tattoo shop.

Found this on the sidewalk while we were walking around. Yeah, I know. Dead animals, wtf.

Crossed the street to go to an asian market we hadn't found before.

Rich bought this - didn't like it. I liked it, but we were going to back to Yama Sushi and I didn't want to fill up on liquid. It was kind of like chocolate tea.

Om nom, baby octopus!

These were really good. I don't remember some of what I had - I went through quite a bit of plates.

This had caviar on the top. I tried one and started to die a little inside...

See, you sit at a bar and these little boats come around carrying different foods. Not just sushi, but cakes and chicken, too. The plates have a certain design on them which mean they cost a certain amount. So you grab up plates and then stack them when you're done. I had about 4 plates and so did Rich. Plus he got a bowl of octopus.

And these are what did me in. Spicy Dragon Balls. Yes, that is what they're called. They're really good but I couldn't eat anymore... so I just had a bite of them.

Then.. we were ready to leave... I paid for the food, we go outside and we don't even get half way to the car before I just puke everything. LOL. I've never had real sushi before and my stomach just could not handle it.
No pictures, unfortunately. But I think it's well known I'm a puke machine lately.

Some of the ramen I bought while at the Asian market. This one was duck flavored and spicy. Not bad spicy like that spicy ramen I had in FL; that stuff was awful. This was really good. I also got some Pho ramen.

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