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KITH & some other stuff

First, you have to look at my ugly new/old car. It's got a nice little dent in the front.

lol, yes, Rich is driving.

This was uh... on the back of a truck. I still don't understand it.

Rich likes to draw llamas on things.. like the back of a car seat.

And since we were going to see Indiana Jones, I dressed up like rooskie.
I don't ever want to see that movie again, though. Holy shit. ?????? at the end. Yeah. No thanks. Complete face palm.

And then we went to go see Kids in the Hall live! Yay!!
Pic unrelated. (lawl)
Don't I look really thin, though? I'm amazed.

KITH WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!! I was so happy - they did a chicken lady sketch and I totally knew it was coming! & the Time Machine sketches were fucking brilliant! & Kevin showing his ass and making Dave crack up. GOD. I felt like I was in highschool again. Seriously.
I think mine and everyone's favorite was at the end, when they busted out the Headcrusher! OH MY FUCKING GOD - that was AWESOME. I will never get over that. I'm still freaking out. And I saw Roth on the cam!! That made me laugh so hard.
Mark Mckinny joking about SNL was fucking great, too. "I'm wave at the end of the credits guy!"

There was so much win in that. OH yeah.. Gavin and the Jehovah Witnesses. DUDE. Do you have any idea how much I love that they bashed JW's so hard?

I'm so glad I got to finally see them live. I thought that would never happen. Maybe if I think about other things that won't happen - they will. It'll be like magic.

Afterwards we went to go eat at IHOP. Pic sorta related. Because Roth was there with Tim.
We had a helluva waitress. "You think it's nasty?!" Good lord, woman, get a grip. Fuckin ghetto trash. (I'm not racist, I swear!!)
My dinner/breakfast wasn't bad. The lady got my meal confused with my dad's though. Rich got ribs. Roth got a chicken lady omelet (oh yes, I remembered.) & Tim got a huge fucking burger. & my dad got something fruity - because he's a fruit.

We had lots of fun.. but then had to go home. Like always.
But I had fun. Even if I had to return my fucking camera instead of idunno - WALKING BACK TO THE CAR? Stupidity seems to run rampant where ever I go & people sure do like to shit on my ideas.. but I don't care. I like what I did that night. & I looked hot. so there.

This is what all our pictures look like. They're from the day before when we took the car for a test drive to Daytona. My mom wants us to get like actual portraits taken... I don't know why - it's not like we could take a serious one.

I got a lolita skirt that day! Yay!! I've been looking for one for sooo long. And then I got the Girl Drink Drunk shirt to go with it!! (Now I just need some white fabric..) I'm so glad they had that one because I love Kevin "I'll do anything for a laugh" McDonald.
& I'm getting kind of impatient because they're yet to run the KITH unmasked on XM.. which brings me to...

I GOT MY PINK INNO!! It's a portable XM satellite radio - meaning it's like a new age walkman. (In a cave with scraps?) Look how pink it is!! I love it. We had a hard time getting the stupid thing activated, but it works now and I love it!
I can't wait to go outside with it.
Too early, though.
Oh yeah, I should mention that everything happened a day ago. I wasn't tired yesterday & then I fell asleep & Rich came home right when I woke up & scared the shit out of me.

Also - I got done watching the first season of Black Books - thanks 4chan for not telling me sooner. You fuckers. Car Fuckers? no. wait...
I don't get to see Sex and the City until a week from now, but that's fine because I'll have plenty of time to tell my grandparents to get some money together if they want some cinnabon. Don't ask, they're weird.
I'm weird. End of story.


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