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More On My Hair.

wooo. Look at all that hair... you know what that means.

Obviously, the newer one is the blondish stuff I have going on. I still think I look rather boyish, though. Rich likes it. I like it. But whatever, I'm all for looking androgynous.

Randomly went to Jade Garden last night. They have really good food and it's really cheap. Plus they give you quite a bit for what little you're paying. More than most Asian places. We got to eat with those really cool soup spoons, too. Free soup! & A tapioca pearl drink. Fuck yeah authentic food.

In case you can't read it:
I need pay stubs
I disabled your car by
taking your distributor cap plug wire
off the motor Mom

She also parked behind his car to block him in. lol-wow. But I love the little rage face she drew. She been on 4chan or something?

Day 9 - A movie with the best soundtrack

Puppet Master, I could care less about movies where they just plug in songs from various artists. I like it better when there's just a composed theme.
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