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Gas staion grafiti!

Om nom slim jims. Am I the only one who likes them? Rich hates them so much and always makes fun of me for eating them.

Crazy van at wal-mart. They had a sticker that said "Don't Call 911" with two guns under it. wow, man.


I got this in the mail today!

I haven't gotten a box set in so long. I forgot they usually come with awesome little booklets and extra dvd's. I bought mine used, but still, it's in pretty good condition. The box is kinda worn, but that's fine. The inside stuff is all good.

I like how they set them up, too. I can't wait to watch Oldboy again, really. I want to watch all of them again. I was fangirling over the all the pictures, too.

We went out and bought hair dye and I'm going to cut my hair tonight.

& we had taco's today cause it's Taco Tuesday. Rich got a crispy chicken soft taco. That thing was sooo good.
Love me some Del Taco.
Kind of having myself a long drawn out party today. There's cake at home, too. Rich's mom insisted we buy more cake. She wanted us to get the same one as last time, but we said, fuck that. We're getting something different, dammit.

I can't wait to cut my hair!

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