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It's Been Awhile Since I PicSpammed

We have matching shirts, lol.

Annie's release their new gummy bunnies. So good! & they're organic. Not that I care, it was kinda like a bonus.

I learned how to make roasted potatoes! I love these things. I'm gonna make em again, too. Mostly because I have a ton of olive oil. Hee.

Eating on the floor?

Pic spam because someone requested I go out and take pictures of EVERYTHING.

And oh my god... I found another one of these trucks! And this was in my town!! Dammit man, now I know people are buying these from somewhere. I WANT ONE.

Day 7 - The most surprising plot twist or ending
Oldboy, but I've been over that like a million times; which is why my entry today was more about my stuff than just some movies :D
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