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THOR. NEXT YEAR IS THOR. They also show Captain America's shield but after seeing who've they got to play him.. I could really care less. Man, they almost had me. Almost. They couldn't have gotten a douchier looking guy who's done even douchier movies before hand. WOW MAN.
But Thor looks good.

Nothing grabbed my attention in the previews. Meh. I already know of things I want to see, it's fine.

Oh, I almost forgot. Iron Man 2. Not as good as the first one. Nothing is going to beat that, though. Especially now that I've seen the sequel. But somehow - it's still a really good movie. I don't really know how they managed that. Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson are the most distracting things in the fucking movie, too.
No real problems with Cheadle. He's a great actor. He just isn't Terrance Howard; which is like, wow. That's a different guy.

And of course Scarlett. Gosh. She's just so darn pretty. Too bad she opens her mouth, huh? Well, she could be opening her mouth for other things... I'm kidding. I just don't like her "same delivery" with every fucking line. It's like she has no emotion.

Ramble, ramble. I like the rest of the movie, so much so that I can ignore those bad parts. They weren't even that bad. Only REALLY bad part was random Olivia Munn. CAN WE KEEP THAT GARBAGE AWAY PLEASE? Fuck.

So, it was kind of corny, had some pretty good intense parts, funny for the most part when it wasn't being corny... I do want to see it again...

Also, wtf Sam Rockwell was in this? This is the same shit that happened when I saw the first one. WHO? WHAT?? THAT WAS HIM?!
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