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30 Day Movie Meme

Day 1: The best movie you saw last year?
Oldboy. Rich decided to watch it out of no where. I had heard things about how great this movie is - which usually leads you into a bad impression of a movie. Over hyped crap is not stuff I enjoy watching because then I go into it thinking, this can't be as good as everyone is saying. But it was. And I was talking with Rich about all the movies we watched last year, the only things that came close to this one were Tenebrae and Drag Me to Hell; which actually came out last year.

And maybe Thirst - that also came out last year; but it's much different from Oldboy.

The idea of revenge in this is what's the best part. Most revenge films are basically, "I'm gonna kill him, and that'll be the end of that." This goes so much further. The characters go to such great lengths to make each other feel like utter shit. That's real revenge. And that's the slap in the face you get near the ending. The "gotchya" moment that makes your jaw drop. And that's why everyone raved about this a few years back, but I only got to see it last year; I didn't know anything more of it until then.
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