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I Got Some Fun.

FUCK YEAH. There's my new tablet. The Bamboo Fun. I like the mouse on this one; and it works great. But I've never had a problem with Wacom stuff. & Dani: It is smaller than my old tablet. It's also just a bit smaller than my laptop - so our math was correct! Thank god, too. I didn't want another huge one.

Yes, I got more double downs. I guess you'd call this the Double Down Mix Up.

You take a fried and a grilled and switch the patties. The grilled is not great, though. But whatever. I just like the idea behind this. Ever since I heard that news story about them being released in Massachusetts, I've wanted one.

I learned how to get to WinCo today. Well, the back way. Which is good. Less congested, less likely for me to miss my fucking turn.
Then I had a little vent party with my British friend Oreo. I was a drunk, and yelling at random people in the server who weren't talking. You're not supposed to be in vent if you're not going to say anything. I wish more people would come in there. I enjoy the vent partys. Especially in the chat - more people need to use robot voice!

I'm washing clothes tomorrow or something.

new layout. fuck year. look at this thing.
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