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No More Tears, Bitch

Let me tell you why I have a GPS:
I thought I would drive down to WinCo this morning. I asked for directions. I actually understood them. Then, when I was out on the road, on my own.. I missed my turn. I didn't know how to get back to it. I got lost. Stopped at a gas station and asked for directions. More than one person helped me, and I went straight back home. And I felt really stupid for not being able to do something correctly.

I got over it. Like I get over everything else. I've turned into one of those people who just pushes through all the emotions to get to whatever it is that's normal. I guess.

Rich also got me a shitty Wal Mart Strawberry cake. For all these horrid Wal Mart cakes he brings home from time to time, they're really good. He says the cake itself doesn't have a flavor - they add one.

Then much later on, we watched Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. I think Rich and I have a high affinity for Park Chan-Wook. Every movie I've seen so far is fucking amazing. And it's weird - it's like every story has a moral to it. I feel like I learn things from them. Not only that, they all seem to be sad with a sense of humor. I've never seen anyone do that with film before. Not even Cronenberg. (What am I saying?!)

I'll just have to add this to one of the many things on the wall in my mind that's filled with photographs of all my obsessions. Deep down in there, I'm a psychopath. I just don't show it.

All in all. I had a pretty hard day.
Tags: foods, i'm being dumb, movies, photogenics, rantings, rich

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