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Lake Day!

I wish everyone would say yes like this. lol.

Yeah, I've been rather sick lately. Really sore throat - it's getting slightly better. This is the second time in one year that it's happened, though... *rage*
There is my corn casserole that I got from here. Turned out very good and was sooo easy to make. Om nom.

And then today! I took Ricky's bike and the children from next door and went down to the park! We all took turns riding it. Those kids are so easily impressed by the bike - they've had their own, but they just love ours for some reason.
Oh & that picture? From the lake. We also went to the lake today.

We swam in the murky part of the water because that was the only part that was remotely warm.. the water was fucking FREEZING cold. I've never felt water so cold. It was like ice.

She has such an attitude. She had fun for the most part, but when she got home she was kind of bratty.

This one not so much. She's always :D when I see her.

Murky water picture spam!!

I had a lot of fun for a Sunday. Sunday's usually suck.

Lastly - new icons! New default icons!!

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