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Long Boring Text Time. KFC extra.

Yup. I got one. It was damn good.

Yeah. A few things have happened.
First off with the bad news:

I was cleaning house like usual - was pretty pissed about it because there were notes everywhere. I think the notes were meant for other people but they for some reason they included me, so I kind of raged.. but I did clean up most of the kitchen in the past two days. Anyway, I was taking out trash and I see my kitty shirt out on the front porch. It's all crumpled up in a ball. So, I go to pick it up to see why it's out on the fucking porch in the first place.
I open the thing and it's got this rust all over it, and it looks like someone used the damn thing to wipe off a tool.

I told Rich, and he was rather pissed as well. I wasn't surprised, because people around here like to treat me and my things like shit so it was nothing new. Rich raged at them, and I think because he's the one who brought it up and not me, people actually admitted to it. But then when I showed up in the picture, they changed their story and blamed someone else.
I really wish the people around here would fucking just treat me like garbage to my face instead of going out of their way to be nice to me and then do shitty things behind my back.

Whatever, I'm over it now. I just wish that things would be more honest or something. That's all.

There is some other drama going on around here, too.. I think that's why the house is looking so clean lately. People lose their shit and start cleaning, apparently.

So, Rich got a me a new shirt. I'll have pictures later. I love this new shirt. Retards cleaned my other shirt because they felt bad.. wow.

Good news!
I learned how to ride a bike! Rich bought a BMX cause he wants to ride around like he used to. Yesterday, he taught me how to ride it - I'm not that great, but I want to get better now. I'd get my own, but I have no where to put it. I might get one, and buy a chain to put around it to keep people from stealing the fucking thing. God, I hate people sometimes.

Other good news, aside from getting to try the new KFC double down, haha! I have a shiny new tumblr with original content! Fuck yeah Sim Spam! I'm gonna try to update at least once a day with new pictures of just whatever is going on in my game. Yay! Rich also has an original content blog, Furry Time. But remember, tumblr is like the adult version of Twitter. So there is NSFW stuff on there.

That's all, I think. I'm gonna have pizza today. It's been so long. Well, I had a couple of bites at Costco the other day.. but ehh, this is going to be just a pizza. For me. Om nom. I haven't fallen off my new eating - besides, I plan on getting plenty of excersise on the new bike!
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