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For 13066301
1. If you could visit a place outside Earth, where would that be and why? ..wait, do I want to leave Earth?? I guess Saturn. Not sure what I'd do there. But the rings on it look cool! Maybe I could make spice and control the universe.
2. Your ideal dessert would consist of... Strawberry's dipped in chocolate. & not that hardened chocolate, has to be fresh.
3. Out of all the movies coming out this year, pick four that you are most excited about. Iron Man 2, of course. The Expendables, Toy Story 3 and maybe the Green Hornet.
4. One band/artist that you don't like and why? Owl City. I can't stand them. I've heard like two of their songs, too. Not by choice mind you. The lyrics are really... awful, and the guys voice - or his auto tuned voice, whatever is horrendous.
5. One historical figure that you'd like to bring back to life? (it's very Bill & Ted in here.) Anne Frank; obvious reasons.

Leave me a comment saying "meow meow butt" and I'll give you five questions similar in nature to the ones above. Then you will answer them where I can find them; or else.
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