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Kung-Fu Chicken

OM NOMS. They taste different than American ramen, that's for sure. I don't know what country these are from, though. They have different seasoning too. Really cool. Also not as much - yay portions!

I've started using Google Chrome. It's really fast and I like it more than IE. Best browser I've used, yet. Really. I heard flirts say she uses it a while back and ever since then, I've been rather curious.
Aside from being really fast (it really is!) but it has some pretty nifty features. I no longer need the Google toolbar, which is cool. No toolbars at all! I've yet to find a site that it can't work. And, if i highlight things I can search them with google just by right clicking. No more copypasta!
Oh and by default shit opens up in new tabs. I really love that. Browsing 4chan has become 20x's more addicting because of this.

Lastly, it has this function that's reminds me of using Microsoft Word. When you misspell something, it underlines and then you can right-click to correct it. Waaay better than having to click a stupid spell check button.
Tags: foods, interneting, photogenics

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